System Rehabilitation & Upgrade

Markcillio distribution team have been involved in a number of distribution rehabilitation projects in different states, including evaluation of existing system, preparation of Rehabilitation Master-Plans and training on rehabilitation techniques.
Distribution networks are generally large in volume, as it spreads all over the country/area to feed its customers. Since, these networks are usually subject to huge expansions, the utilities are normally facing difficulties on carrying out routine and planned maintenance activities and this results a poor voltage and reliability levels to the end consumers and also fast deterioration of the network. In order to overcome this situation, most of the utilities are going for a complete rehabilitation / refurbishment for its distribution networks, mainly to improve voltage and reliability levels of the system.

Project Management
* Preparation of project documents
*Preparation of Tender documents for Rehabilitation and Construction projects
* Tender evaluation
* Progress monitoring and evaluation

Development of Standards and Specifications
*Review of existing specifications for distribution materials etc.
* Development of new specifications
* Review of existing construction standards
* Development of new construction standards to suit with the utility requirements
* Preparation of complete Construction Standard Documents for the utility

Distribution System Rehabilitation Planning
* Evaluation of existing distribution network
* Development of Rehabilitation Master Plans
* Preparation of project documents
* Preparation of implementation programs
* Quality assurances

On-the-Job Training
* Planning of training programs
* Providing on-the-job training to utility staff
* Training on new tools and equipment
* Training on rehabilitation techniques
* Performance evaluation