Renewable Energy Engineering

Markcillio Engineering Ltd is one of the nations indigenous Energy companies that provides renewable energy. Having installed many solar power systems Our products and components generate solar hot water and renewable power for private homes, businesses, military and schools.

Consulting and accredited installation
Markcillio Engineering Ltd has a diverse network of accredited installers throughout Nigeria, specialising in the design and installation of renewable energy systems for residential and commercial applications.
Our installers are trained to deliver to the most stringent Nigerian and International Standards and have a wealth of experience in grid connected and stand alone wind and solar power systems. With Markcillio Engineering Ltd as your supplier and installer, you can have your solar power, solar hot water or wind energy system up and running flawlessly in no time.

Keeping it simple.. and economical:
As with any new technology, solar energy systems may have been treated with some suspicion a decade or so ago but the technology is now at an advanced stage where you have the solar panels installed on your roof and they plug into your meter box - and it works for a very long time with next to no maintenance.
We don't go into long-winded technology explanations with everyone, except for the people who love solar power for its technology. In order to compete with mainstream electricity and other issues, our system has to operate and work just as well as the previous system the customer has been using. And that's where we are today - we're just as good. If you have a choice between a normal electric hot water system, or solar-powered one on your roof, then after rebates, it may be only some hundrends of naira difference. Why wouldn't you use the greener, cleaner energy? After a while, it will also start saving you money!

Offering the country's leading brands in renewable energy:
Markcillio Engineering Ltd is an authorised supplier of a range of quality brands such as:

* Sharp solar panels
* Suntech solar panels
* Solarfun solar panels
* Yingli solar panels
* BP solar panels
* Fronius, SMA, and Latronics Grid Connect Inverters
* Selectronic and Victron off-grid inverters
* Plasmatronic and Morningstar regulators
* Southwest Windpower and Westwind Wind Turbines
* Fullriver, Haze and Trojan batteries

Excellent products, best pricing, superb support:
While we take great pride in providing the world's leading green power brands at deeply discounted prices; something equally important to us is supporting the customers and community who support our business. Whether you're a current client or just considering a switch to renewable energy solutions, our expert team is here to answer your questions.
We understand that purchasing a renewable energy system can be a confusing process and a substantial outlay - you can trust we will provide you with exactly what you need - nothing more or less, at some of the best prices around. The team at Energy Matters are also thoroughly familiar with current government rebates and incentives schemes - we can literally save you thousands of naira on a solar or wind power purchase!

Solar Power for your Home:
*You will receive a complete profile detailing the benefits and costs of getting Solar for your home
*We will explain the timeline of setup and installation as well as help you get the required permits Your choice of traditional Crystalline or our new Laminate Panels
*We will explain the other parts in a solar powered system and then provide you with the highest quality Charge Inverters, Solar Trackers, Batteries, and Charge Controllers that will be the best fit for your home
*After the installation and setup, we will explain our industry-leading 3 year parts, 10 years maintenance Warranty and setup a check-up schedule that best suits your availability.

Residential Wind Power:
*Before any work is done, we will meet and discuss effectiveness of wind power for your area and what savings you can expect
*Your choice of wind turbine size and brand from our selection (we will explain the difference between the models and heights)
*We will survey the site for the turbine(s) and begin to apply for any required permits
*We will explain the other parts in a wind powered system and then provide you with the highest quality Charge Inverters, Batteries, and Charge Controllers that will be the best fit for your home
*After we raise the towers and make them operational, we will then explain our industry-leading 3 year parts, 10 years maintenance Warranty and setup a check-up schedule that best suits your availability.

In-home Energy Auditing services:

*We will first answer any questions you might have about saving energy in your home
*After the initial meeting, we will work out a date when we can drop by and inspect your home's energy efficiency
*You are encouraged to participate in the quick walk-through (average audit is 1-2 hours) and ask questions along the way
*You will provide us with 12 months of energy bills, or we can help you contact your supplier and request a billing summary
*Before we leave to generate an easy-to-follow report, we will highlight some of the things we saw during the walk-through
*About 2-3 weeks after the audit, we will return with a comprehensive energy savings guide that is tailored to your home's needs. We will walk you through our recommendations and give you a cost-benefit guide to making your home more energy efficient.

Solar and Wind Power for the military:
*In addition to the deployable systems we offer, we also install traditional mounted or free-standing Solar Arrays
*We offer all of the standard types of solar panels like glass-encased crystalline and CIGS but also offer a new light-weight more efficient Laminate Solar Panel
*We have extensive experience setting up and maintaining wind turbines ranging in height from 50 to 85 feet and in power from 3 to 10kW
*Once installed, our solar panels will last for decades with little maintenance and come with a minimum 3 Year Warranty. Our new Laminate Panels are covered for 10 Years.
*We offer state-of-the-art Data Logging equipment that will complement any renewable energy system with intelligent cost-benefit calculations and other important information

Smart Li-Ion Battery Power:
*Our Lithium-Ion Smart Battery packs can easily be taken any where in the world. When needed, simply bring your power with you.
*The sleek design and easy-to-read LED display make this battery pack ideal to have in unexpected power outages
*The battery pack, designed by our partners at Falcon SEC, can be charged by a wall outlet or easily hooked up to a solar panel array for and indefinate charge
*The pack can power a laptop for a full 24 hours without needing to be recharged, and the battery can still be used when charging
*To get the same power, you would have to use a 80 to 100 pound lead acid battery
*Even in the unlikely event that one of the Lithium-Ion cells fails, it does not prevent the rest of the battery from operating like normal