Procurement of Equipment and Machines


Our Commercial Department, in close association with our affiliate in the Houston Texas USA, Sofia – Bulgaria and United Kingdom are also involved in the procurement and sales of various electrical and mechanical equipments as well as heavy duty machines and vehicles, etc, including distribution of services maintenance and Procurement, Marketing services and direct representation.
Markcillio Engineering provide marketing services for indigous companies and international companies in india, bulgaria and the United kingdom. We offer assistance in procurement and sourcing of the following material for transmission line and substations:

*Transmission line lattice towers
*Substation steel structure
*Telecommunication towers
*Tubular/Monopole structure
*Transmission Line conductor
*Glass Insulators
*Porcelain Insulators
*Composite Insulators
*Transmission Line fittings
*OPGW cable and OPGW fittings
*Power cable
*Control and signalling cable
*Distribution material and equipment
*Fiber Reinforced Polymer Cross arm
*Testing of transmission line towers up to 1000kV
*Structural steel for railway
*Structural steel for building industry
*Steel pipes, lighting poles

Markcillio Engineering has exclusive collaboration with number of suppliers from China, India and UK.