Electrification/ Distribution

Distribution networks have usually been subject to uncontrolled expansion, under / over utilization and unplanned development. As a result, many problems can be seen identified in the distribution networks of many utilities. These include high losses, inadequate network capacity, poor system reliability, voltage and power quality problems etc. we meet our customer’s needs and techno-economic optimization through computer aided network modeling and analysis tools combined with Markcillio Engineering experience and expertise in the application of these techniques. The planning tools include automated mapping, computer aided network modeling and analysis, computer aided load modeling and demand forecasting, GIS AM/FM Economic evaluation / justification and techno-economic optimisation of development proposals

Requirement Analysis

  • Evaluation of existing planning and operational systems
  • Identification and development of methodologies and systems to meet future utility needs
  • Selection of appropriate tools
  • Preparation of feasibility reports


Load Forecasting

  • Review and analysis of past demand data
  • Identification of suitable load forecasting methodologies* Use of computer aided load forecasting packages such as Micro Area Load
  • Forecasting, Econometric modeling etc
  • Requirement based load forecasting through distribution network modeling
  • Establishment of load forecasting models and carrying load forecast incorporating future development plans



  • Identification of suitable mapping systems for utility networks
  • Establishment of computer databases for network data
  • Network digitizing and preparation of electronic maps for distribution networks
  • Preparation of spatial data models
  • Spatial data analysis for network expansion, rural electrification etc.


 Distribution System Planning and Design
Markcillio Engineering offers specialized consultancy services for selection, installation, training and application of leading state of art software systems for medium voltage and low voltage distribution network modeling and analysis. Our services in this regard are unique as it covers not only the software package but its proper application to carry out integrated planning to develop comprehensive development plans with optimal techno-economic solutions.

The analysis carried out includes the following;

  • Modelling of Network, equipment and loads
  • Load flow evaluations including evaluation of losses, voltage profiles etc.
  • Fault Analysis
  • Optimal switching
  • Contingency analysis
  • What if analysis
  • Optimal Capacitor Placement
  • Voltage Regulators
  • Distribution System Reliability Evaluations
  • Harmonic Analysis and suppression methods
  • Protection Coordination Analysis
  • Motor start and locked rotor analysis
  • Load balancing

our staff specialize in integrating results of such above analysis’ for preparation of:

  • network development master-plans
  • loss reduction programs
  • network reinforcement and expansion programs
  • rural electrification programs
  • distribution network automation and reliability improvement programs etc.


Operation and Facility Management Systems
* Network data capturing through GPS
* Automated mapping with network attribute data
* Design of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) for distribution networks.
* Utilization of GIS for planning, operation, construction and maintenance work
* Automated Plant and Equipment registry systems
* Transformer Load Management
* Preparation / design of automated maintenance management programs
* Performance evaluation, development of performance indices and targets
* Distribution network reliability monitoring and reliability evaluation


Demand Side Management
*Designing and carrying out load research
* Introduction of energy efficient equipment for domestic / commercial and industrial sectors
* Organizing consumer education programs
*Development of energy efficient building codes
* Training and conducting energy auditing
* Drafting policy papers for implementation of energy efficient practices


Rural Electrification Planning
* Preparation of computer models for cost benefit evaluation of rural electrification schemes.
* Carrying out techno-economic feasibility assessment for rural electrification programs
* Integrated rural electrification planning and preparation of rural electrification master-plan
* Study of low cost construction techniques, design specifications for rural electrification
* Assessment of viability of renewable energy sources

Engineering Audit
*Assessment of techno-economic performance of plant and equipment against specifications
* Evaluation of losses and assessment of loss reduction measures
* Operational systems analysis and systems improvement
* Power quality assessment and analysis
* Review of tariff systems, marginal costing and marketing policy
* Quality assessment of specifications and construction standards
* Project evaluation and post implementation review


 Project Planning and Formulation
* Economic evaluation and assessment of development proposals
*Review and justification of project proposals
* Preparation of implementation programs
* Evaluation of manpower, materials and training requirements
* Preparation of cost estimates and funding requirements
* Recommendation of implementation modalities and progress review methodology
* Carrying out Environmental Impact assessment studies
* Preparation of project feasibility reports and project reports