Electrification/ Distribution - Mapping


 Distribution System Planning and Design
Markcillio Engineering offers specialized consultancy services for selection, installation, training and application of leading state of art software systems for medium voltage and low voltage distribution network modeling and analysis. Our services in this regard are unique as it covers not only the software package but its proper application to carry out integrated planning to develop comprehensive development plans with optimal techno-economic solutions.

The analysis carried out includes the following;

  • Modelling of Network, equipment and loads
  • Load flow evaluations including evaluation of losses, voltage profiles etc.
  • Fault Analysis
  • Optimal switching
  • Contingency analysis
  • What if analysis
  • Optimal Capacitor Placement
  • Voltage Regulators
  • Distribution System Reliability Evaluations
  • Harmonic Analysis and suppression methods
  • Protection Coordination Analysis
  • Motor start and locked rotor analysis
  • Load balancing

our staff specialize in integrating results of such above analysis’ for preparation of:

  • network development master-plans
  • loss reduction programs
  • network reinforcement and expansion programs
  • rural electrification programs
  • distribution network automation and reliability improvement programs etc.