Control & Instrumentation Engineering


Markcillio Engineering uses state of the art technical knowledge, custom tailored for our clients’ systems to engineer and determine all parameters, conditions and factors before the commencements of any operation. Our Oil and Gas engineers and consultants provides the following:

Custody Transfer natural Gas metering:
the metering systems of natural gas can be supplied fully assembled on skids and ready to be connected. we can also supply analysis systems ( Chromatograph, Dew Point e.t.c) for control of gas quality and energy metering. those solutions are always realised in accordance with internation standards such as the ISO5167, AGA-NX19, SGERG88 etc
According to the needs of the application, we implement metering computers or controllers of volume in order to make metering in mass, in volume, or in energy

Custody Transfer Liquid Metering:
the metering system of liquid oil can be supplied fully assembled on skids and ready to be connected. we can also suplly calibrated skids via provers and master meter. for LNG applications, we can in addition include filtration and gas remove device neccessary for this kind of application

Industrial Metering Supervision System:

our SCADA system WebAssess offers a complete, versatile and powerful supervision solution. besides its very friendly customer interface, it brings all the functions of reports edition designed for custody Transfer Metering. the archived data are stored in all the posible formats (Access, SQL,Oracle etc) with many drivers, it allows supervision of all metering calculations and PTZ volume corrector of the market. it works with the internet or even LAN, it is the right answer to the actual communication needs without negleting equipment's security


using a standard web browser, WebAccess offers the highest level of functionality, reliabilities, security and adaptability. it is a complete and evolutionary SCADA and HMI solution. the licenses of the SCADA servers begin with 150 points until the unlimited version

Alarm handlers:
a complete notification system to inform operators of process and equipment status including summaries, logs, sorting by priority, alarm graphic for I/O and 'text to speech' annunciation. schedules who receives alarm email and packages based on shift, day of the week and calender

Site/panel instruments

Fittings and Manifolds

Gauging and calibration

Supervision management and automation

Industrial Computing

Control Monitoring/Valves


Our group of professionals solve all challenges in the energy sector in Nigeria and her sub-region
Cobra91 Limited
Cobra91 Limited provides full professional multi-national and multi-disciplinary consultancy services for an increased high technological development and sophistication for a meaningful energy development

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