Markcillio ICT Consultancy & Management is a ICT and Software Development Team that specializes in providing IT services and products to support Power business applications and solutions. Our solutions includes Grid Metering, retail Metering, Communication Systems Billing and payment system solutions for effectiveness and efficiency in revenue and tariff collection. Our solutions are tailored to meet our clients’ needs. Every client has its own unique business and technology needs and we make it our business to let our solutions be a Revelation to our clients. We have a legion of programmers and developers all around the world. We pride our self in to be the pioneers in creating a new wave in IT Development. We work with many international software companies and independent professionals using the internet as our medium. We broke the barrier of virtual workers by proofing time after time that successful project management goes beyond the boundaries of the physical presence of a developer or consultant.

We have a different approach to the IT-business. We have a legion of independent consultants and developers all over the world that have done work for us. We have created a relationship with these professionals and see that the number of alliances is growing.

Markcillio Engineering has therefor created a stretched joint venture with a number of professionals on call. This professionals compliments Markcillio in many Windows based solutions.


Real-time monitory of the distribution network

Can react immediate on power failure and do faster maintenance

Enhance ability to exactly locate where an outage has occurred

Better control of activity over the distribution systems

Improved verification of customer service restoration

Remote meter reading eliminate the need for meter-reading staff


Household would have better options and choices

they would use electricity much more wisely

They can response easily and quickly to real-time pricing signals

Industries and high energy consumers can save a lot f money through different solutions

Detect unusual or unexpected patterns

Optimize assets, streamline operations, better production and capacity planning

ICT/ Networking

We can successfully implement a secured Virtual Private Network to significantly save cost, increased productivity, and improved service and enable access to multiple remote users and remote offices

Provision of an efficient and secure Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) for the main and sub offices.

Establishment of an integrated and efficient unified Video conferencing, IPTV and VoIP facilities between the main and sub offices

Establishment of centralized standalone Database Management Information Server with Data Center application for File Tracking system & Scheme monitoring system

Providing Privacy Enhancing Technology and other database servers at the main and sub offices across the Nation.

Establishment of an Intranet Services and Web Mail Portal.

Development of Geographical Information System (GIS)

We specialize in all RPG languages from RPGII, RPGIII, RPGIV, RPGILE, RPG Free and we master the WebSphere Development Tool. And from our joint venture VB.NET, C#, ASP.NET, Ajax, Silverlight, SQL Server, Web Services, WPF, WCF and JAVA.

We can perform your basic maintenance jobs like applying latest PTF, doing Backup/Restore procedures, upgrading your disks and other likely jobs.

We can also outsource as many technicians as possible for specific projects or jobs.

We have IT-professionals available that can help you make IT-decisions right on the money avoiding you waste of time and money. System Analysts, Business Analysts and Project Leaders are available for IT consulting.



Our Commercial Department, in close association with our affiliate in the Houston Texas USA, Sofia – Bulgaria and United Kingdom are also involved in the procurement and sales of various electrical and mechanical equipments as well as heavy duty machines and vehicles, etc, including distribution of services maintenance and Procurement, Marketing services and direct representation.
Markcillio Engineering provide marketing services for indigous companies and international companies in india, bulgaria and the United kingdom. We offer assistance in procurement and sourcing of the following material for transmission line and substations:

*Transmission line lattice towers
*Substation steel structure
*Telecommunication towers
*Tubular/Monopole structure
*Transmission Line conductor
*Glass Insulators
*Porcelain Insulators
*Composite Insulators
*Transmission Line fittings
*OPGW cable and OPGW fittings
*Power cable
*Control and signalling cable
*Distribution material and equipment
*Fiber Reinforced Polymer Cross arm
*Testing of transmission line towers up to 1000kV
*Structural steel for railway
*Structural steel for building industry
*Steel pipes, lighting poles

Markcillio Engineering has exclusive collaboration with number of suppliers from China, India and UK.


Markcillio Engineering Ltd is one of the nations indigenous Energy companies that provides renewable energy. Having installed many solar power systems Our products and components generate solar hot water and renewable power for private homes, businesses, military and schools.



At Marckcillio Engineering Ltd, we offer internship opportunities in all of our departments. Whether students are finishing their college education or are trying to find that “perfect fit” while they are still studying, we offer a wide variety of internship possibilities.
Our internship program provides a valuable hands-on experience to any candidate before their career begins. In recent years we have had the opportunity of employing some very talented Internship Candidates. These students had a golden opportunity to develop professional skills in a real-world environment that was challenging, diverse, and encouraged personal development and career growth.

A Marckcillio Engineering internship could be ideal if you are considering a career in:

* Business Development
* Civil Engineering
* Computer Aided Drafting/Design
* Construction Management
* Electrical Engineering
* Human Resources
* Electricity Billing and Payment Solution
* Marketing
* Mechanical Engineering
* Network Administration/Technology
* Project Management

Engineering Internships:

We enrol students who are in their penultimate or ultimate year of study, to gain a real work experience while still at university.
In one sentence: If you are a high potential graduate looking for a challenging internship to demonstrate your skills and to learn what life is at Procter & Gamble, we have the opportunities for you!
A variety of engineering degrees at both undergraduate and graduate level are held by our successful engineers, for example in Mechanical, Electrical, Software, Civil, Production and Industrial Engineering. You will be self-starting, fluent in English with possibly another language, and will want an international career.


During your Internship you'll gain an excellent grounding in what we do. You'll participate in group sessions offering a basic introduction to Procter & Gamble, and then take up a role in a specific project group for Engineering. The Internship is a period of mutual trial where you come and work with us, assess us as a future employer and we assess you. Many successful interns come back and join us on a permanent basis after they have finished their degree.

You will be working on your own project, typically in a multi-functional team that includes senior managers; have a dedicated 'sponsor'; put your technical skills to work in a challenging environment; improve your interpersonal and team skills through practical experience; learn to work effectively with people of different nationalities and cultural & educational backgrounds. Work areas can range from concept studies and development of innovative technologies, including high-end computer simulation, to technical management and project management. You will receive a performance appraisal - just as we appraise our permanent staff; write a report and give a presentation of the results of your work to management.