S/N Name of Project Location and Type of Work Performed Clients
Onitsha – Oba – Nnewi – Ideato – Okigwe 132kV D/C Line 2 X 60MVA, 132/33kV S/S at Oba, 2X60MVA 132/33KV S/S at Ideato
Federal Government of Nigeria
Conversion of low voltage Distribution System (LVDS) to High Volatge System (HVDS) in Kubwa Cluster, Abuja-FCT
World Bank
3 Construction of 2X7.5MVA Injection Substation @ Afara Umuahia NIPP/VITEC
4 Provision of Technical Services for the Construction of 15km 33kV, OHTL @ Ihiala Federal Government of Nigeria
Construction of 23km, 33 & 11kV Lines @ Agukwu, Nri.
6 Construction 3km, 33kV OHL and Installation of 500KVA Transformer @ University of Igbere Abia State Abia State Government
7 Design, Procurement and Construction of 1No 500kVA, 33/0.415kV substation and OHL Adjacent Ahmadu Bello Way Gaduwa District – Abuja. HAJIS Properties Ltd
8 Co-distributor of 2.5MVA and 750,500,300,200kVA types of CONCAR & ABB Transformers . State Gov, PHCN and Corporate and Private Sectors