Message from the MD/CEO


Our Managing Director/CEO – Engr. Mark Ukeche (MNSE) has been the brain behind our success stories. His wealth of experience of over 20 years in Power, Mining, Agriculture and Oil and Gas industries has driven the company to the forefront of electrical power delivery challenges such as rehabilitation and revamping of power substations, rural electrification projects etc., with laudable and notable construction of Greenfield projects across Nigeria.

Engr. M. C. Ukeche has over the years promoted the deployment of Modular Datacenters which can be used in seismic/data acquisition in the Mining and Oil & Gas exploration sites. He is presently promoting the use of Transportable, Scalable Cryogenic (LNG, CNG) stranded gas capturing system in Mining coal bed sites and Oil &Gas industries.

Another prospective area of MEL’s engineering activity is the field of advanced methods and technologies which have the potentials to grow the vastly untapped agricultural and environmental sectors of the Nigerian Economy, Mining equipment, Mining plant stations and Processing.

Mark M.C Ukeche (MNSE)
Chairman of the Board.